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    Cavo Batteria Moto con Morsetti
    • Cavo Batteria Moto con Morsetti

    Motorcycle Battery Connector with Claps

    9,49 $
    Cavo Batteria Moto con Morsetti

    Motorcycle Battery Connector with Claps

    9,49 $
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    The accessory 30AMPPZ reaches the battery through the traditional crocodile clips. It should be used instead of the STD2V cable with eyelets when the Batteries to keep under charge are removed from the vehicle. Otherwise, we recommend the use of the other BC accessories, which ensure a higher comfort and a faster plug-in of the battery charger.


    • Quality
    • Fixing to the battery
    • Safety

    The cable is realized with high quality materials specific for the use in the Automotive industry (resistance to oils, greases, atmospheric agents and thermic/mechanical stress guaranteed). The connector suitable to be employed in tough conditions is a guarantee of quality and endurance of the Battery connecting system.

    Fixing to the battery:
    The clamps are dimensioned for a universal application on all types of batteries on the market.

    It's appropriate to remind that in case of accidental contact between the clamps (positive and negative poles) the internal electronics of the battery charger has a permanent protection against every spark, eliminating every risk for the user.
    Furthermore, the battery charger is indefinitely protected from short circuit of the battery poles (in other words, the contact between the clamps for an indefinite time won't damage the battery charger).


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