BC Presa Accendisigari DIN 4165 per BMW
BC Presa Accendisigari DIN 4165 per BMW
BC Presa Accendisigari DIN 4165 per BMW
BC Presa Accendisigari DIN 4165 per BMW
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BC 12V Cigar Lighter Socket DIN 4165 for BMW

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BC 12V Cigar Lighter Socket DIN 4165 for BMW


The accessory FS612V allows rapid connection with the battery.
The socket, fixed by locking ring to a wall of the vehicle, complies with ISO4165, specifically for battery charging and also allows the connection of any small electronic devices (Max 1 Amp).
You will need an operation for a few seconds to insert the plug into the charger BC DIN4165 and start the automatic cycle Charge and Maintenance.




Installation Socket

Attaching the battery



The Lighter ISO4165, as well as being a current input (Input), can be used as an output (Output) to power small electronic devices with cigarette lighter plug (Max Output Current 1 Amp).

Positioned on the dashboard (see photos), on a side, on the number plate or in a storage compartment inside the vehicle.

The harness is made with high quality materials for use in the specific Automotive (resistance to oils, grease, weathering, heat stress / mechanical). The sheath at high temperature, connectors suitable for use in harsh conditions and the protective cap watertight shall be a guarantee of quality and durability of the system connection to the battery.

Installation socket:
Installation is simple and no possibility of error (reverse polarity, etc.).
You will have to detach the plug from the wiring harness, unscrew the nut and put it in a hole of 18 mm. Screw the socket onto the nut and restore the connection with the connection cable to the battery.

Attaching the battery:
The loops are designed to adapt to the standards of all batteries on the market (installed on bikes, motorcycles and light trucks). Similarly, however, the loops can be used for permanent installation on batteries of medium / high capacity (> 40 Ah), by inserting the eyelet into the screw torques of terminals that reach the battery.

A fuse is installed on the wiring in the vicinity of the positive pole of the battery. Furthermore, it should be remembered, in case of accidental contact between the eyelets (positive and negative), the internal electronics of the charger has a permanent protection against any spark, eliminating any risk to the user. The charger is also protected indefinitely against short-circuit the battery terminal (in other words, the permanent contact between the eyelets does not cause any damage to the charger).
The package is complete with instruction manual for ease of installation and use in complete safety.


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