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BC 12V Universal Cigar Socket Adapter
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BC 12V Universal Cigar Socket Adapter

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BC 12V Universal Cigar Socket Adapter (d. 12/18 mm)


The accessory ACC612V connects quickly and intuitively all of the range BC Battery Charger Controller directly to any cigarette lighter socket, standard (diameter 18 mm) or Type BMW (DIN 4165 - diam. 12mm). BMW motorcycles are in fact provided the cigarette lighter socket in accordance with DIN 4165. The range of Battery Charger BC Battery Controller, ACC612V through the adapter, can be compatible with the cigarette lighter installed as standard on most BMW motorcycles in circulation *.
The cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle is usually used as an output (output) current. It is also not exploited, however, as Input (Input): You can enter the current and travel directly to the battery without having to install the cable that comes in the kit of the Charger Base.
In case you do not have their vehicles, the cigarette lighter can be bought as an accessory BC (Code P12A).



The first advantage is the convenience and ease of use: instead of having to install additional wiring on your vehicle or to use the Terminal / Crocodiles to connect to the battery, you can take advantage of what is already provided as standard from your system. For cars, in particular, this saves a lot of time and so the battery can become practically an everyday instead of always having to lift the hood, you can reach the battery from the cigarette lighter socket with an operation a few seconds. For the bikes, however, the convenience of the accessory is to avoid having to dismantle the means to achieve the battery and install the standard cable already provided in our installation kit.

Plug the cigarette lighter will allow you to go directly to the battery of your bike is both your car and any other motor vehicle that already has a cigarette lighter socket installed on board: you just have to make sure that the lighter socket is not locked (check that, when the vehicle is turned off, the cigarette lighter socket functions regularly as output current).

In addition to the protective fuse inside the plug, which protects in case of accidental short circuits generated inside the system Cigarette Lighter Charger + Plug is a secure system for the control and for any additional electronic device installed on your vehicle. The charger BC, in fact, is designed so as not to produce extra-current in the electrical system. This permanent protection is crucial to ensure maximum safety, especially in the moment in which it engages the power supply, that is, when the risk of this phenomenon is greater.
A final observation is required on the input current: the input current that passes now into with the charger BC is by far lower than the current that the lighter is capable of providing, when using it as an output of current.

(*) For all BMW motorcycles with CAN bus system, we recommend the BC model K900, the only one compatible with the 12V socket installed as standard on board the bike.
All other models of motorcycle battery charger BC can be used for charging and maintaining batteries of BMW motorcycles, connecting the charger directly to the battery through the wiring harness with eyelets (code STD2V) or the traditional terminals / crocodiles (code 30AMPPZ) you will always find in the package.


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