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    Gaerne SG-12 Boots


    Gaerne SG-12 Boots

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    Gaerne SG-12 Boots

    The new SG12 Boots are part of the New 2019 Gaerne Collection


    Gaerne presents its latest and most advanced creation for the off-road world, one born from the experience of the Italian boot house and in collaboration with the samples of the many motorcycle disciplines "knobbly".

    The goal of Gaerne is always move a bit 'below the technical level of its products and the SG-12 boot is, in this sense, the current qualitative limit reached in boots factor for off-roading.

    Every single detail has been designed to ensure maximum safety, comfort and ease of use so that you face that enduro cross, not forgetting, of course, the typical Italian style of the house by the big G.

    Made from a new material called Acronos, allows for maximum resistance to abrasion and heat, but did not prove awkward, given the extreme flexibility that allows a perfect adhesion to the calf, and thanks to the pre-shaping and all'impermiabilizzazione that prevent the intrusion both foreign bodies, even the youngest, who water.

    The front guard is made of stainless steel, impossible to deform and antirust. The toe cap is replaceable by acting on the fixing screws which have been protected obtaining of protrusions perpendicular to the axis of the tip, so that also due to shock or abrasion will always remain in excellent condition. The front of the toe cap has been realized so as to be non-slip.

    View the incidence of damage to the back of the foot in the motorcycle sports, it has been studied a new protection system that provides a decompression zone between the plastic and the upper, so as to serve the important anti-shock function, in addition to ensuring maximum comfort.

    Shifter guard
    This part of the boot has been realized with shaped plastic material which follows the shape of the foot allowing excellent sensitivity and precision in the changed, also the material is variable density so as to have a greater thickness in the most sensitive parts and protect them better. This same desire for greater protection, even in this part of the boot is a decompression area with anti-shock function

    The part carrying the big G, symbol Gaerne, serves to protect the upper part of the shank and is formed in shaped polyurethane: impact resistant and designed for maximum adhesion to the leg. Always to ensure that the plate can adapt better to any pilot, even if one were to use of knee pads that go inside the boot, it has been realized so as to be adjustable, laterally and obliquely, so that it can be adjusted on its own specific needs.

    Four lightweight aluminum levers with polyurethane foam inserts, and the same toothed belts, forming the closure system that allows maximum efficiency, ease of operation even when wearing gloves and maximum adjustability, so you can adjust the best of what you want to close the boots. The component parts of the sealing system are replaceable in case of damage.

    The part of the boot which is located in contact with the bike is made with a special rubber which fulfills a dual function: on the one hand guarantees maximum grip and grip between rider and motorcycle and, on the other, fencing the heat coming from the part lower engine. An extended surface that is suitable for any kind of bike and that covers the screws used for fixing, so that will not be damaged.

    A system patented by Gaerne to decrease the risk of ankle injury and the ankles. In practice it has been advanced and raised the rotation axis of the boot, so as to avoid compression in the ankle area. There is then a protective element, called Razorback that is anchored at two points: the first point is located in the point of rotation of the boot and is fixed, while the second flows, through a slot following the movement of the foot, but by providing two points limit, so as to avoid excessive extensions or compressions ankle.
    In addition, the Razorback has a special appendix which slides in a special pocket, prevents lateral movement of the foot, one of the most frequent causes of accidents.

    The most important part of the boot, as regards the comfort, that is, the "slipper" internal, is made of soft polyurethane foam, so as to adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot and maintain memory, so that our boot will have internally the exact form of our foot, to ensure an absolutely personal comfort level.


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