Gaerne footwear was born in the 1950s, and a few years later, the motorcycle boot was introduced. They have become true specialists in the creation of professional boots, using quality technologies and materials without losing the taste and style that characterizes the Gaerne brand.
The motorcycle boots are of high technical level and are designed to guarantee comfort and safety.

They offer great resistance and good adhesion to the calf thanks to the waterproofing that prevents the intrusion of any foreign body and also water.
For years, this company has been producing bike and motorcycle footwear for enthusiasts and even for the most demanding and ambitious ones. Gaerne, thanks to its good value for money, is highly regarded by many athletes and is one of the most popular manufacturers of bike and motorcycle footwear for men and women. The Italian company is also famous for the production of cycling articles such as socks and insoles. It all started with the production of outdoor shoes. Then came the production of motocross articles with the Gaerne Sg12 boots Gaerne Sg12 or the brand new Gaerne SG22 motocross boots and finally in the eighties, with the clip pedals, the introduction into cycling.
Gaerne focuses on the development of original and quality products. The choice of materials and the modern design ensure the production of shoes with great performance and great style.

Technical Features

Some models have a front protection made of stainless steel. The back of the foot, which is usually prone to injuries, is protected by an innovative protection that uses a decompression zone between plastic and upper. The shin guard is made of shaped polyurethane, adheres to the leg, and serves to protect the shin. The closure system consists of four aluminum levers and some toothed straps. The part that comes into contact with the motorcycle is made of rubber, which protects against the heat coming from the engine. The inner part is made of expanded polyurethane and adapts to the shape of the foot, ensuring great comfort.
Gaerne offers various types of high-quality off-road and road motorcycle boots. The great success of the SG-10 boots has made Gaerne a famous name worldwide. Over the years, Gaerne has continued to innovate while keeping the quality of its products as a constant. From the simple sewing machines used in boot manufacturing to high-tech machines today. Gaerne has never changed its goal. It wants to keep production in Italy, thus maintaining the excellent quality of their boots. Everything is made in Italy, and the boots are "Made in Italy".

Sport Road Boots

Sport road boots are the ones that offer the most protection. They can be used in more sporty excursions or on the track, and many are approved for track use. The best way to put them to the test is to touch the asphalt with the slider until it wears out. An important feature of a sports motorcycle boot is ventilation. In this sport, feet need to breathe, and they can also be used as summer boots. Also noteworthy are the Gaerne boots dedicated to supermoto, namely the Ga

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