Triloxy Lupetto Termico Fibra Cava d'Argento Ricaricabile
Triloxy Lupetto Termico Fibra Cava d'Argento Ricaricabile
Triloxy Lupetto Termico Fibra Cava d'Argento Ricaricabile
Triloxy Lupetto Termico Fibra Cava d'Argento Ricaricabile
Triloxy Lupetto Termico Fibra Cava d'Argento Ricaricabile
Triloxy Lupetto Termico Fibra Cava d'Argento Ricaricabile
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Triloxy Rechargeable Silver Fiber Thermal Top

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Triloxy Thermal Fiber Silver Rechargeable Long Sleeve Top

The intimate rechargeable technology microcapsules for athletes amateur or semi-Dolomiti Superski want to increase their performance.
Ideal for sports medium / long-term, such as: running, soccer, marathon running, motorcycling, cycling, canoeing, hiking, etc..

The mesh is suitable for both men and women, the fabric is one of the lightest existing in the market, hollow fiber that insulates the body from the outside temperature. Must be worn in contact with the skin and must be adherent to optimally perform its functions.


1 - Bacteriostatic: maintains a natural balance of the skin at any level of activity Skins Life is not a bactericide, but maintains the proper balance of bacteria present on the skin.

2 - Antistatic: The silver is the element in nature, most with electrical conductivity. The presence of silver in the fabric dissipates all the annoying static moment

3 - radiating and reflective: regulates the body temperature, the emissivity, allows the body to maintain its heat while its reflectivity evenly distributes the warmth outwards.

4 - Permanent: the presence of the bacteriostatic agent in the matrix of the polymer skins Life is a permanent feature of the head

5 - Stash: the silver form chemical bonds that allow the reduction of odors.

6-Effect moisture: it accelerates the movement of moisture through evaporation, consequently the same decreases in contact with the skin. Comfort: Skin with Fusion you will feel warm, dry and comfortable. Due to the high surface tension, the water, the moisture and sweat are deviated from the tissue and are therefore able to evaporate velocemete or may be absorbed by other compatible materials such as cotton. The excellent insulation capacity of the material, the greater also of wool, maintains body temperature and protects the natural heat and cold.

7 - Property hygiene: unpleasant odors after intense body movements, have no ability to expand as Skin Fusion is resistant to bacteria and other microorganisms. The stains are not absorbed and can be removed easily with a household cleaner. Even turpentine, acetone or other solvents can not in any way affect the material. no electrostatic charge and therefore does not attract dirt of the atmosphere. Absolutely antiallergic

8 - Resistance: Skin Fusion is resistant to friction with values ​​that match the nylon and are well above other synthetic or natural fibers. It is not absolutely love the unpleasant peeling caused by chafing. It 's more tear-resistant than natural fibers and can be exposed to heat and sun without any consequences. Washable at 40 ° C. The color fastness, obtained by special process, it is remarkable, even after many washings, strofinii, contact with salt water or harsh detergents. The fit is very stable with a loss less than 2%. Fusion skin, thanks to its self-extinguishing properties, is also suitable for use near incandescent bodies.


Thanks to Triloxy Sport Ricariche, you can recharge your garment more times. Once recharged, the garment should be worn 60 minutes before your performance.



56812991e8b3f-come_agisce_1.jpg  1  Micro emulsion fixed to the tissues with cosmetic actives
56812991e8bb7-come_agisce_2.jpg  2  Progressive liberation of active principles
56812991e8c3c-come_agisce_3.jpg  3  Deep penetration of active principles
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