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Cheap Motocross Boots

Cheap Motocross Boots

Safety, practicality, comfort, perhaps with an eye to a gritty design: these are the essential characteristics of motocross footwear, designed to guarantee protection and stability for fans of dirt roads, all curves, jumps, hills and whoops. Fortunately, there are cheap motocross boots on the market that meet all the necessary requirements without making your wallet shiver, so that the adrenaline rush is reserved for the circuit only!
Cross boots: solutions for all riders and all budgets

Lovers of off-road tracks, for which motorcycles are synonymous with Enduro, can complete their equipment with quality boots at prices well below two hundred euros: an example is the Gaerne GX-1 Enduro, with non-slip sole, levers closure with micrometric adjustment, breathable inner lining and shin guard with shock-absorber thermoforming; at a slightly higher price, you can get on your Enduro with Falco Durant on your feet, complete with shin and calf protection, an All-around shell and an innovative sole with "Good-year" stitching.

Furthermore, Sidi does not forget the versatile world of motards and offers the Crossfire 2 SM in the version called SuperMoto, also at a really interesting quality-price ratio.

I am looking for footwear that ensures practicality, stability and protection even those who face curves and dirt roads in the saddle of Quad and Adv: they aim to meet these needs, combining reliability and convenience, proposals such as the Forma Adventure, reinforced in more points, with high grip sole and strong Comfort Fit System construction system, or the Falco Marshall, which stand out for the molded PU front plate and the sole with differentiated grip.
Jump in quality with cheap trial boots

Jumps, climbs, obstacles: those who dedicate themselves to trial know how important it is to protect their feet and legs from the stresses and risks of continuous ups and downs and gradients, but they also know that it is equally important to do it with flexible and light footwear.

Also in this case, it is possible to conclude a good purchase without spending a fortune: the big names in motorcycle clothing offer, in fact, cheap motocross boots declined according to the specific needs of the trial. The Gaerne Balance Pro Tech have interchangeable and adjustable hooks and rubber soles, while the Sidi Trial Zero.2 is characterized by the high level of protections and the dual intensity sole with anti-vibration midsole.
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The best cheap motocross boots are at AlexFactory.it

All cross-country enthusiasts know well how important proper boots are to practice this activity in the best possible way, because these shoes must guarantee maximum protection, above all, to the foot through some fundamental characteristics which are: the reinforced toe, the rigid sole. and replaceable in case of wear, adequate support for the ankle and protection also for the shin and heel.

Boots are therefore practically indispensable accessories which, to avoid any type of risk, must be absolutely top quality. The good news is that today it is possible to buy cheap motocross boots produced by the most important and accredited brands in the sector. Where is it? On the alexfactory.it website, the convenient online shop most loved by centaurs.

Founded in 2007, Alexfactory specializes in the online sale of clothing and accessories dedicated to motorcyclists with thousands of branded products, mostly made in Italy, which are sold at very affordable prices, thanks to the e-commerce activity that reduces management costs significantly compared to those of traditional sales channels. And it is precisely for this reason that on the site you can also buy cheap but excellent quality motocross boots.

Cheap motocross boots for all tastes

On the alexfactory.it website there are many motocross boots to choose from, all of quality and made by the most important brands in the sector. Among these, the Gaerne GX-1 Evo off-road model stands out, which is available in black or white: it has a resistant and waterproof upper, polyurethane heel, shin guard, side cuffs, calf protector, hypoallergenic lining. and breathable, the non-slip sole and the anatomic and antibacterial insole.

For fans of this specialty, the new Gaerne Supermotard boots are available on the site, which have a super-abrasion-resistant rubber sole, two interchangeable sliders, which are fixed with stainless steel screws on the most "sensitive" areas such as the heel and are able to to guarantee an excellent seal in all conditions.

Cheap Motocross Boots

Alex Factory

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