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Gaerne GP-1 Evo Boots
  • Gaerne GP-1 Evo Boots

Gaerne GP-1 Evo Boots

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Gaerne GP-1 Evo Boots

Gaerne GP-1 Evo Boots

$283.91 $334.52
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Gaerne GP-1 Evo

The GP-1 Evo boots are part of the new 2018 Gaerne Collection


The GP-1 Evo boots represent the top product of the racing line, born from the studies and projects of the Gaerne research and development center and the close collaboration with champions and athletes. Technological innovations, attention to detail and comfort, guaranteed by passion and fifty years of experience, without ever neglecting the Italian style that has always distinguished the entire Gaerne production.

Gaerne floating system: this exclusive carbon composite system, guarantees the natural movement of the foot, counteracts the torsion of the ankle, without compromising its flexibility. Placed in the back part, fixed in two points, it slides inside two slots that provide a limit stop in both directions so as to avoid hyper-extensions or compressions. All external polyurethane protections have been designed to minimize friction in the event of a fall and to facilitate sliding.

Shock absorbing heel: the polyurethane heel is contoured and non-deformable, on the outside a magnesium insert favors the sliding in case of a fall. Decompression zone: inserted in the heel between the sole and the sole, with anti-shock function to guarantee greater comfort; it is highlighted externally through red inserts. Calf circumference adjustment system: adjustable and interchangeable carbon look micrometric lever, allows a personalized adjustment of the boot in the calf area.

Slider: made of high wear resistant magnesium with a particular shape that allows a perfect movement of the foot, the attachment points to the boot are out of the abrasion areas. Front plate: made of PU is anatomically shaped and replaceable by two screws. Front slider in interchangeable nylon. Locking system: the internal zip is protected by a rubber band. An elastic insert in the ankle area facilitates the closure of the boot.

Upper: in Lorica, a technological material with high qualities of softness, breathability and tightness. the bellows joint with polyurethane inserts ensures a comfortable and snug fit on the instep and greater hold over time. Collar: in polyurethane it is provided with air intakes, it is heat resistant and allows an excellent adherence to the calf.

Internal protection: two rubber inserts placed in the upper part of the boot and in the heel guarantee total grip and protect the leg from the heat of the bike. Sole: made of differentiated density rubber resistant to oils, hydrocarbons and scratches; presents a particular design that guarantees excellent grip. Internal footbed: it is anatomic and designed to distribute body weight correctly and to give adequate support to the foot.

 In the rear part it is reinforced with shock-absorbing, stabilizing and shock-absorbing material, while in the front part it has perforations to promote foot transpiration. fully washable, ensures a perfect grip with the sole of the boot. Paramarce protection: made of shaped polyurethane, it is anatomic to guarantee sensitivity when changing gear and greater protection in the tip.

Inside lining: inside a shaped padding with "padded" processing is inserted in the front area, in the malleoli and in the heel to give excellent comfort and improve wearability; it is also antibacterial and breathable.

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