Lampada di Sale dell'Himalaya a Cilindro
Lampada di Sale dell'Himalaya a Cilindro
Lampada di Sale dell'Himalaya a Cilindro
Lampada di Sale dell'Himalaya a Cilindro
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Cylinder Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Salt lamp, thanks to the natural revitalizing force of the crystal of salt diffuses into the benefits of negative ions.

The soft light of the lamps of salt has a strong positive effect on both emotional and spiritual. Once switched on, the salt lamp emits a pleasant amber light which creates a warm atmosphere.

According to the principles of color therapy orange has capacity releases on physical and mental functions, promoting peace, joy, optimism and self-esteem, vitality, vigor and passion.

The salt lamps are not only beautiful furnishings but also make it more stable, harmonious and light energy environment.

Their use helps to fight it through the electromagnetic emission of negative ions. Negative ions neutralize the positive ones emitted by electronic equipment such as televisions and computers, maintaining healthy environments.

Negative ions are the same people who make us feel so good to the sea, in the mountains or near a waterfall. Salt has always been known for its purifying and beneficial health effects. Thanks lamps bring its health-giving properties within the environment in which we live.

- Salt lamp shaped vase with crystals with wood base, cord and bulb

- Height 12 cm

- About 15cm diameter

- Weight 3.5 kg


Himalayan Salt
3 Kg
16-18 cm
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