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Tcx Speedway Stivali Moto Speedway
  • Tcx Speedway Stivali Moto Speedway

Tcx Speedway Motorcycle Boots

312,97 $ 354,02 $
Tcx Speedway Stivali Moto Speedway

Tcx Speedway Motorcycle Boots

312,97 $ 354,02 $
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TCS Speedway ®

For those who have no brakes

The collection TCX ® 2013 also includes a specific model for the speedway. A model specialized, highly technical, with special construction, sophisticated and unique. The boot uses the Torsion Control System ® for optimal protection from injury. The soles are professional for the speedway: the left boot and sole form with special arranged for the housing of the sole of iron; the right has special sole with adjustable heel, a material highly resistant to abrasion and hydrocarbons. The upper is made of microfiber, with swivel front padded collar for comfort and elastic for optimal winding of the calf. The lining is made of highly breathable Air Tech, and the boot has a removable liner with protective gel in the ankle bones. Among the safety features are worth mentioning protection tibia, spur polyurethane and suede interior protection.




COD. 7801 - T.C.S. Speedway ®

Torsion Control System ®

Upper: Microfiber with swivel front padded for comfort, elastic collar for a better wrapping of the calf

Lining: AIR TECH material

Scarpetta Internal: removable with gel inserts in the ankle

Protection: Protection tibia buttress polyurethane, internal protection suede

Left boot: equipped with a special shape and sole to allow the correct positioning of the 'sole iron'

Right boot: has the exclusive sole with heel adjustable, built with material highly resistant to abrasion and hydrocarbons

Available colors: white

Size range: 40-47 U.S. 7 to 12.5



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