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    Agility Blue
    • Agility Blue
    • Agility Blue

    Agility Blue

    490,63 $
    Agility Blue

    Agility Blue

    490,63 $
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    New A-Pro Evo Line

    Biker suit divisible A-Pro Agility perforated cowhide

    Approved removable protectors on shoulders elbows and knees

    Pull-back reinforcement

    Hump ​​on his back

    Slider on the knees

    Reinforcement on the sides

    Removable and washable antibacterial net lining

    Stretch fabric to 'inner thighs, calves on the seat and

    Stretch around the neck, elbows, knees and above the lumbar

    Pudding for rear seat

    Front and rear vents with wire mesh

    Locking collar strap

    External pocket for removing protections on the knees

    Zip extension to the calf and forearm zipper for easy insertion of the head

    Adjust waist pants.

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