Tcx Urban Waterproof Motorcycle Shoes

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Tcx Urban

Motorcycle jacket and tie

Outwardly similar to a normal boot, the Urban is the best choice for those who use the bike to go to work and also makes use of formal wear. With its classic appearance, the Urban blends easily in formal but offers specific features of the shoe motion. The upper is made of full-grain leather, high quality, anatomic insole is leather, ankle protections include protection with gel inserts in leather, and Shin. The closure, extremely practical and fast, is made with two elastic bands and zipper.



Code: 7521 - Urban

Upper: full grain leather

Protections: Shin, ankle protection with gel inserts, covered in leather

Closure: elastic band and side zip

Insole: Anatomic, real leather

Available colors: black

Size range: EU 39 - 47 U.S. 6 - 12.5


Genre: Mâle
Activité: Urban
Saison: 4 saisons
Tige Cuir pleine fleur
Membrane: Waterproof
Semelles: Caoutchouc
Protections CE

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